2020 Weddings and Covid 19

Updated: May 3, 2020

The year 2020 may be a write off for many vendors and Bride's and Grooms. The rescheduling of dates for later in the 2020 calendar may not be the best choice. One needs to think of confidence with their wedding date.

Confidence means are you and your guests going to feel confident sitting, embracing and celebrating your wedding day. Although very difficult to digest, if you are getting married this year, CHANGE THE DATE! I am often asked when do you think I should get married? As a wedding photographer, I don't have the answer but if I were in your shoes I would wait until your local authorities grants you permission to do so.

Although there is psychological benefits to rescheduling your date...hold off! There is no point rescheduling your date, communicating to all your guests and then to change it again.

My suggestion would be to WAIT! Wait until it is safe to gather in groups. Wait to ensure the safety of others and yourselves! Wait to have a celebration that is stress feel. Discuss this with your Wedding Venue and vendors. We are all in this together.

Covid 19 has complicated the wedding industry, but we can collectively act responsibly and reap the rewards with the most significant people in your life in a safe manner.

Stay safe and patient!

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