Have your wedding cake custom made with many of our cake experts within Toronto and surrounding area.  Toronto Wedding Cakes can be seen in a variety of magazines.    Whether you are wanting a cupcake wedding cake or a traditional wedding cake, there are many experts to satisfy your taste.

Cake Lovers Unite

My entire life I knew I wanted to do something with my creativity and have always strived to make unique things that people would enjoy. Into my adult life I knew I wanted to be my own boss so I went to school for business. It wasn’t until 2013, I was working an administrative job and a conversation between a co-worker/friend that I realized we had the same love for baking. We decided it would be fun to take a Cake Decorating class at Michaels. Well, what was supposed to just be fun for us ended up sparking a fire in me and I knew from there that this is what I was meant to do!  Visit Us Today!

M5 Bakes

The word STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelt backwards, so don't stress eat DESSERTS.

Contact M5 Bakes for all your parties and celebrations and relieve your stress.

Our sweet and savory selections create appetizing options to tingle your taste buds and create a "Wow" effect in your special occasion.​ We make fresh, made to order, delicious sweet and savory delights from a clean, certified kitchen.

Our sweet selections include a variety of cakes including mousse cakes, ice cream cakes, certain specialty cakes, various cupcakes and sweet treats. We have cakes with choice of fruit, chocolates, candies, cocktails, liquors and cookie fillings. 


Our savory selections consists of appetizing finger foods which are unique, and just right for the appetite.

We also do cupcake decorating parties for birthdays and goody bags for various events.

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